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Virtual Personal Assistant (Virtual P.A.)

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Virtual P.A. basically works as your Personal Assistant who supports you in your business especially on administrative matters so that busy business owners or managers can have more free time to expand your business. Virtual P.A. works alongside you as an in-office administrative assistant. The only difference is that we work from our own fully equipped office.

We, Virtual P.A. team provide professional and efficient secretarial, administrative and business support for large or small businesses. For example, data entry, issuing of invoice, payment receipt, concierge service (hotel and transports reservation, flight arrangement etc), handling social media, and all other administrative jobs. We can customise our services to suit your business needs too.

By engaging our Virtual P.A, you do not have to worry about Human Resource and paperwork issues, but concentrate on the business expansion, making your valuable time more productive.

What is Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)?

Virtual P.A. or known as "Virtual Personal Assistant" basically works as your Personal Assistant who supports you in your business and assists you to achieve more by having trained personnel to help you in your business backend chores such as to answer phone calls, prepare quotations and invoices, put together a professional looking Powerpoint presentation or professionally formatted documents, etc so that busy business owners or managers like yourself can have more free time for business expansion.

VPA works together with you as an in-office administration assistant. As a highly experienced VPA service provider and working from our own fully equipped office, we have the skills to work for you and manage your business operational needs. With a flair for administration and streamlining processes, together with a range of technology available to us, we can provide the support you need to run your business efficiently.

How it works?

How VPA benefits your business operation

Save Time
By engaging our VPA, you do not have to worry about trivial business backend chores. Leave these hassles to your VPA to make your valuable time more productive

Save On Monthly Overhead Costs
This could reduce your monthly overhead cost as you do not need to pay your VPA monthly salary, EPF, SOCSO, Bonus, medical leave, annual leave and other fringe benefits. With this, your business could also save on other cost spent on a staff like working space and equipment.

Quality Assured
We train each Account Manager and VPA professionally to handle all kinds of administrative and paperwork. Each company has a dedicated Account Manager to manage instructions given by you professionally. The assigned Account Manager will then lead a team of professional VPA to support your business operation thus delivering consistent high quality results. You can be assured that all information and data will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

No HR Related Problems
This has been proven to be a very cost effective service because while you run your business, you do not need to worry about staffing issues such as high turnover rate, absenteeism, productivity, inefficiency of staff performance and cost redundancy as we consistently manage your administrative and paperwork without fail.

Reduced Workload
Time in the evenings and weekends should be spent with loved ones and not on business matters. Let us know how you would like to manage your paperwork and leave it to us while you spend time on what matters most to you without any worries.

The VPA Packages is Customize To Your Business Needs:-

  • Accounts
  • Data Entry
  • Administrative Work
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • etc
  • Appointment
  • Reminder
  • Email Greetings
  • Typing
  • Translation
  • etc
  • Basic Video Clip
  • orporate Identity Design
  • Artwork Drawings
  • etc
  • Internet Research
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Flight Booking
  • Online Shopping
  • etc
  • Mental Work Related
  • Letter Writing
  • Profile Editing
  • Profile Writing
  • etc
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